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"Standard Time" the circle of the hour points will by rotated by an angle determined by the longitude and the current equation of time.

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The fixed gnomon of this sundial is perpendicular to the horizontal dial plane.

Orthographic projection of the Sun (declination δ, hour angle H, latitude φ):
x = R*sin(H)*cos(δ)
y = R*[sin(φ)*cos(δ)*cos(H) - cos(φ)*sin(δ)]

The declination lines are ellipses, the semi-major axis a=R*cos(δ) being parallel to the east-west direction, and the small semi-axis b=R*sin(φ)*cos(δ) parallel to the north-south direction. The displacement of the declination ellipse from the center is y=R*sin(δ)*cos(φ):

declination ellipse

The hour lines are also ellipses (red for -23.5°< δ <+23.5). The ellipse for 14:00 solar time:

hour ellipse

The declination ellipse δ=0° (blue) and the hour ellipse for 6h/18h are touching at the points east and west:


Sun altitude
At local noon the altitude of the Sun (declination δ) at latitude φ is:
α = 90° - φ + δ

The projection to the horizon plane:
y = R*cos(α)=R*sin(φ + δ)

Latitude φ=50°:
summer solstice: δ=23.5°, α=63.5°       y/R=0.96
equinox: δ=0°, α=40°                             y/R=0.77
winter solstice: δ=-23.5°, α=16.5°         y/R=0.45

The minimum length of the gnomon is:

gnomon style

L = R*cos(φ-23.5°)

The time is indicated by the intersection of the gnomon shadow with the black declination line.

Select "Transit Table" from the "Details" menu:


Select "EoT Table" from the "Details" menu:

The sundial in action: Aug 7 at 10:00 solar time (11:31 CEST):

azimuth sundial

Denis Savoie: La Gnomonique, Les Belles Lettres, Paris 2007; p 201-203.

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