Analemma Sundial Applet

Localized version

Key commands:

s, h, d, w, m:
+1 minute, +1 hour, +1 day, +1 week, +1 month
Shift kex and h, d, w, m:
-1 minute, -1 hour, -1 day, -1 week, -1 month

The menu "Show"

Enter gnomon height (m) and press return key.

How to read the time

<applet code="analemma24Loc.class" archive="JavaClasses.jar" width=950 height=650>

<PARAM NAME=password VALUE=123>

<PARAM NAME=email VALUE="replace">

<PARAM NAME=location VALUE="Berlin">

<PARAM NAME=latitude VALUE="52.51">

<PARAM NAME=longitude VALUE="13.41">

<PARAM NAME=gnomon VALUE="2.00">

<PARAM NAME=timezone VALUE="1">






enter southern latitude with minus sign

enter western longitudes with minus sign

enter gnomon height (m)



Make your own sundial !

How to get this applet for offline use

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(c) 2001-2023 J. Giesen

Updated: 2023 Oct 05