By combinations of Newton's gravitation constant G, the velocity of light c and Planck's constant h or h/2π, a mass, a length and a time can be constructed:

Using modern values (NIST),

h = 6.626·10-34 J s, h/2π = 1.055·10-34 J s
G = 6.674·10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2
c = 2.998·108 m s-1

we get:

using h
using h/2π

Mass M

5.456·10-8 kg
2.176·10-8 kg
1.86·10-9 kg

Length L

4.051·10-35 m
1.616·10-35 m
1.38·10-36 m

Time T

1.351·10-43 s
5.391·10-44 s
4.60·10-45 s

 which are close to the results of Stoney.

Additional relations:

L / T = c

action = energy·time = M·L2 / T = M·L·c = h

The fundamental constants c, h, G may are corresponding to the physical theories visualized by the Cube of Theories (Bronshtein, Zelmanov, Okun):

 Cube of theories Bronshtein Zelmanov Okun

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Juergen Giesen