Lane-Emden Applet


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Select "u(z), du/dz from the "Graph" menu:

graph u(z)

Select "T0(n), rho0(n), P0(n)" from the "Graph" menu:

core values temperarure density pressure


Select Table: "T0(n,M)":

temperature center index mass

There are analytical solutions of the Lane-Emden differential equation for:
n = 0:    z0 = sqrt(6) = 2.449490

n = 1:    z0 = π = 3.141593

n = 5:    z0 = inf

Test of the accuracy of my applet:

numerical sulution accuracy error

numerical sulution accuracy error

The relative error Δz0/z0 is of the same order of magnitude as the step size dz.

Last update: 2012 Sep 03