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The core temperature of the Sun

Temperatur im Inneren der Sonne



Pressure, density and temperature inside the Sun
(from Sexl, Raab, Streeruwitz: Materie in Raum und Zeit, Diesterweg/Salle/Sauerlnder, 1980)


To be in a steady state the thermal gas pressure of the star must be in equilibrium with gravitation. First, we estimate the gravitational pressure in the centre of the star:


The red cylinder (height R, cross-section A) has a mass of

m = ρAR.

Assuming a constant homogeneous density ρ and applying Newton's law of gravity

F = GmM / R2

to the surface of the star (radius R) the gravitational force F is

F = GρARM / R2

M = mass of the Sun
G constant of gravitation

The pressure in the centre of the star is

p = F / A = GρM / R

The ratio p / ρ is given by

p / ρ = GM / R

On the other hand, the pressure p of the star, considered as an ideal gas of N atoms of mass mA, is

pV = NkT
( k = Boltzmann constant, T = abs. Temperature)

With ρ = NmA / V we get the ratio

p / ρ = kT / mA

To be stable the following equation must be valid:

GM / R = kT / mA

For the temperature T we get

T = GmAM / (k R)

G = 6.710-11 N m2 / kg2

mA = 1.710-27 kg

M = 21030 kg

k = 1.410-23 J / K

R = 7108 m

constant of gravitation

mass of hydrogen atom

mass of the Sun

Boltzmann constant

radius of the Sun

T = 2.3107 K = 23,000,000 K

A more realistic value is 15,000,000 K (surface temperature: 5800 K)

The pressure in the centre of the Sun

p = ρGM / R

with the mean density ρ = 1.4103 kg / m3 is

p = 2.71014 N / m2 = 2.7109 bar

The real value should be greater because the density increases towards the center.



Another calculation for the pressure at radius r

p(r) = F / A

The force of gravity of an infinitesimal layer of thickness dr at radius r (with mass m) caused by the inner sphere (mass M) is

dF = G m M / r2


m = ρV = ρ4 pi r2 dr

M = ρ 4 pi/3 r3

we get:

dF = G 4 pi r2 dr ρ2 4 pi/3 r3 / r2

dp(r) = dF / A = dF / (4 pi r2)

= 4 pi/3 G ρ2 r dr

By integration from r to R we find:

The pressure p0 at the centre of the star (r=0) is

p0 = 4 pi/3 G ρ2 R2

With M = ρV = ρ 4 pi/3 R3 we get the same result as before:

p = GρM / R

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