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Planet Applet: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon
Please be patient, 670 kB of Java code to be loaded ...

The bright planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - and Uranus as well as the Sun and the Moon (The seven wanderers known to the ancients), are the subjects of this applet. It provides different views: a diagram showing the rise and set times over the year, a view at the local horizon (rectangular, spherical, and polar), a view of the ecliptic plane, a sky map, and an earth map.

Transit of Venus on 2012 June 6
Select "Draw Venus Transit 2012" from the "Write/Draw" menu:
transit of venus 2012

Visibility Diagram View

In case the applet is not running, click here

You may use the keys y, m, w, d, h, n to increase the yaer, month, week,date, hour, or minute,
Shift key and y, m, w, d, h, n to decrease the year, month, week,date, hour, or minute.
Use c or shift key and c to increase/decrease the century.

Detailed applet info and help

Check your time zone offset and the local time.

(The value selected is derived from the longitude)

Latitude Longitude 

Select latitude (northern positive, southern negative),
and longitude (eastern positive, western negative)
from the menus.

The View menu provides 8 views:

1. a Diagram showing the rise and set times over the year, 3 different representations.
2. a view at local the
Horizon (rectangular coordinates),
3. a view at local the
Horizon (spherical projection),
4. a view at local the
Horizon (polar coordinates),
5. a view of the
Ecliptic plane,
6. a view of the
orbit of the Moon around the Earth,
7. a
Sky Map,
8. an
Earth Map.

The items of the Details menu, working in toggle mode, show and hide additional details.
"Horizon Image" changes the background image of the Horizon View.

write draw

Choose from the Write ... menu to write data to a new window (rise and set or position data of the Sun, Moon and Planets).

Lunar distance details

You may enter your home location, change the starting view and the background image of the Horizon View by editing the applet parameters of the planets.html page. Details here.

Applet: Rise, Transit, Set of the Sun, Moon, and Planets

Accuracy of Planets Applet

Rare constellation of the bright planets Mar/Apr 2004

Planetary events to discover and to explore

Opposition Loops of Mars

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